Checkmate is a victory of the free spirit and willpower.
Let's checkmate the taxes together.

Chess is not just one of the most popular and ancient games. It is an art and science - game for warriors, philosophers, strategists and kings. It is very hard to determine the exact date and place of origin of chase as the findings are too numerous and varied - Indian, Chinese, Japanese. The phrase "Chess mate" in itself is of Persian origin and means "the emperor is dead".

Like chess, taxes have been known to mankind from ancient times under in one form or another. At TaxMate we believe, that taxes and insurance are just a game of chess and we can play it right. The players' power, patience and creative thinking are of great importance for a good game of chess and last, but not least so is the possession of basic virtues, which we will disclose to you: Brave Heart, Trust, Generosity, Hope, Broad Mind.

The names and positions of the figures on the chess-board are not an accident. Like the Pawns arranged in a battle formation on the first line, ready to sacrifice themselves for their King, at TaxMate we are dedicated to protecting our Customers' interests and rights.

If this is your first game of chess, you will discover that there are lots of moves you have the right to make, but which of them is the right one?

You might get into a situation that seems insurmountable at first sight, but is it indeed? If we think together in an unprejudiced, judicious and wise manner, we are sure we will find the best solution.

To master the rules of chess, you need to play many various games. In TaxMate we have experienced different situations with customers from a wide range of businesses. This is how we improve, strengthen and sharpen our mind and logic.

Full range of VAT services including VAT (Value Added Tax) registration and returns, Cross-border VAT Recovery for businesses of all sizes. Fiscal Representation of foreign companies in Bulgaria and on pan-European level. Intrastat - EC Acquisitions and Dispatches. Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services.

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